Administration & Financial

Does it cost anything to apply to the Ignite Fund?
  • No, there is no application fee.
How many proposals may I submit?
  • You may submit one proposal as a Lead Applicant. However, you can be listed as a collaborator in other proposals.
How will payments be dispersed?
  • Payments will be dispersed to the Lead Applicant via check or direct deposit.
Is a grant from the Ignite Fund taxable?
  • Yes. Ignite Fund grants are considered taxable income. Lead Applicants are responsible for receiving the grant funds and 1099 IRS tax forms.
How long is the grant period?
  • The Ignite Fund grant period is one year from the date funds are awarded (November 2024-November 2025).


Does everyone involved with the project need to identify as an artist?
  • No. The Lead Applicant must identify as an artist. However, community members, partners, external stakeholders, and collaborators do not need to identify as artists.
Do I need to identify as a “professional artist” to apply for this grant?
  • No. The Ignite Fund is open to all applicants who meet our eligibility criteria and does not prioritize applicants based on their level of experience.
Can web-based projects have scope beyond the Chicago area?
  • Web-based projects can have scope beyond the Chicago area if the project is created in and primarily serves the Chicago metro area.
Are works that will tour through Chicago eligible?
  • Touring projects are eligible if the project is created in and primarily serves the Chicago metro area.
I want to work with an organization or institution as part of my Ignite Fund project. The organization is not able to pay artist fees or provide monetary support. Can I apply to cover costs?
  • Projects supported by the Ignite Fund must be artist-initiated and cannot be part of the organization's regular programs. Funded projects can be presented at a variety of venues and organizations throughout the Chicago area that may be providing additional support. The Ignite Fund will not cover production costs that should be covered by another host organization that made an explicit invitation to the applicant(s) to present work at their venue or as part of the host organization's regular program.
My project involves working with students. Can I still apply?
  • Yes, you can still apply. However, the Lead Applicant and main collaborators cannot be a full-time student.
Why does the application require a section on accessibility?
  • Projects should consider accessibility so that a wide range of people can experience the presentation of the project. Grantees are encouraged to be transparent about the accessibility services that are offered. For a list of accessibility services to consider for your project, please see the Accessibility page, which includes examples, resources, and providers.
Does the Ignite Fund support work outside of the visual arts?
  • The Ignite Fund can support interdisciplinary practices. However, eligible projects must center contemporary visual arts practice as the primary root and impulse. Performing, media, or other arts are eligible when visual art is the key component of the finished project.
What does it mean for a project to be ambitious and experimental?
  • Here are some examples of what ambitious and experimental could mean for your project:

    • A new medium that you have not explored before
    • An unconventional/non-traditional venue for presentation
    • New collaborators for you and your practice
    • A conceptual idea that challenges our current understanding of your topic

    Please note that the above are only a few examples of what ambitious or experimental could mean for your project. The Ignite Fund cannot define what ambitious and/or experimental fully means for each individual artist. In the application, applicants will have the opportunity to define these words for themselves and their practice.

What does it mean for a project to center visual arts?
  • The Ignite Fund embraces a broad understanding of the visual arts. Applicants will be required to describe in their own words how their project is connected to the visual arts. Some visual arts mediums could include, but are not limited to: visual/multidisciplinary artists who create original work in photography, video, fashion, ceramics, drawing, artist books, body art, weaving, installation art, painting, printmaking, curatorial concepts, sculpture, 3D/object work, media art, sound-based art, performance art, social practice, fiber/textile, illustration, murals, animation, design, and more.

  • If you are uncertain, please reach out to our team to determine your eligibility. You can reach us at info@ignitefund.org

Why aren’t full-time students allowed to apply as a Lead Applicant?
  • Ignite Fund grants are intended to support independent artists who have an active creative practice outside of their degree program. Although full-time students may not apply as the Lead Applicant, they are permitted to be part of your project as collective members or as collaborators.
I’ve received an Ignite Fund grant. Can I apply again?
  • Past Ignite Fund grantees must wait 1 year after the completion of their project to be eligible again. This means if applicants were awarded in 2023, their funding period would end in 2024, and they would not be eligible to apply again until 2025.
I would like to apply with a film and/or digital media project. Is this considered visual arts?
  • Ignite Fund does not grant filmmakers or digital media projects that are created for distribution in cinematic venues, or those presenting outside of a visual arts context.

  • Visual artists or artists, including filmmakers and digital media artists, with a history of presenting their work in visual art contexts are eligible to apply.

What does it mean to have a history of presenting my work in a “visual art context”?
  • Presenting work in a visual arts context means showcasing in museum, galleries, arts non-profit, the public art realm, etc.

Application & Selection

Do I need to have a confirmed venue to apply?
  • No. We do not require you to have confirmed venues in place at the application stage. Further, we do not require that you have a written commitment from any service, affiliate, presenter, or space you choose to engage. However, your application may be considered stronger or more feasible if you can describe your proposed plans in detail, including potential or secured partners, venues, etc.
Can I apply for a grant to cover equipment?
  • Yes. Equipment necessary for the completion of your project is an allowable expense, but the focus of your funding should support the production of the work and its public presentation.
In the Project Budget, can I include payment to myself?
  • Yes. We encourage applicants to pay themselves and their collaborators.

Grantee Requirements

Are there any reporting requirements for the grant?
  • There is a mandatory midterm check-in meeting with the Ignite Fund program manager. This conversation is an opportunity for grantees to reflect on their progress to date and discuss any successes and challenges. A brief final report, due at the end of the grant period, is the only written report required. In addition to the written report, a 30-minute Zoom interview will be required for grantees at the end of the grant period.
If I receive an Ignite Fund grant, am I considered a grantee of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts or 3Arts?
  • No, you would be considered an Ignite Fund grantee.

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